Cain Showed Inexperience in Debate with Gingrich

The Lincoln-Douglas-style debate between Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain Saturday night highlighted Mr. Cain's inexperience.  To the casual observer, it may have looked like Mr. Cain held his own.  He was charming as ever, and everything he said was conservative.  But Mr. Cain spent the night speaking in abstractions, framing every conversation around his pizza business.  There's no doubt that, had Speaker Gingrich pressed Mr. Cain on his answers -- e.g. forced him into a corner to get specific as to which department or agency in the federal government would implement Mr. Cain's ideas, or which one was superfluous -- Mr. Cain would not have been able to answer.  At one point, Mr. Cain made reference to HR3400, but wasn't sure if that was the right bill; to political junkies like us who actually know whether or not it was HR3400 and who have read it, Speaker Gingrich was the only one of the two who knows the government well enough to know the specifics of what...(Read Full Article)