Cain Accuser's Modified Limited Hangout

The liberal media's coverage of news reminds me of a school of fish.  It moves as one, and even when it darts in a direction off course, it does so in unison.  For instance, do two searches using one phrase, "Cain accuser" and another, "Solyndra subpoena."  There's no real diversity in the questions being raised or the reporting.  Intellectually, it's vacuous and boring. The meme with the Cain accuser story is that the anonymous accuser has more credibility than Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.  The charges leveled by the accuser against Cain may have been false, inflated or even extortive, but that is of little consequence to the story. Speaking through her lawyer and making inconsistent claims for her privacy, the Cain accuser may have already violated the confidentiality of the nondisclosure agreement she signed with the National Restaurant Association by making statements about its existence and some of its contents. It has been verified that...(Read Full Article)