Boy Assault Is a Crime, Not a Sexual Debut

When teenagers reveal that they had sexual experiences before age 13, shouldn't every effort be made to find out something about their sex partners? That concern is missing from recent reports about the "risky behavior" of teens who call themselves homosexual, where these students report much higher pre-teen sexual experience than their heterosexual peers. The good news is that America as a whole is still horrified by child sexual abuse.  Penn State officials, including Joe Paterno, are suddenly gripped with remorse, following years of apparent failure to blow the whistle on accused child predator Jerry Sandusky.  Justice was not done speedily, and therefore, more boys were evidently harmed. The public is appalled at the failure to protect these youngsters, and it's far more important than any football legacy.  The inaction of adults in authority may have cost a number of young men their innocence and their trust. What is curious is our culture's mixed messages about...(Read Full Article)