Autumn Adventures through Airport Security

With Thanksgiving and other holiday travel on the horizon, get ready once again for a groping good time going through airport security. Flying to New York City from Pittsburgh a couple of Mondays back, I was subjected to a truly hands-on experience from a TSA agent.  Ahead of me in two separate lines -- one for first-class passengers, the other for those of us in steerage -- were two different screening devices.  For first class, the passengers were directed through that metal detector cleverly disguised as a doorframe; for the rest of us, there was the dreaded full-body scanner. As I was removing my hat-shoes-jacket-keys-cell-phone-pens-coins-chewing-gum, I noticed that the TSA woman directing screening traffic ahead told some folks in my line to go through the metal detector doorway instead of standing spread-eagle in front of the scanner.  So, naturally, when it got to be my turn, I told her, "I want to go through the metal detector." The TSA agent immediately...(Read Full Article)