America Needs a New Foreign Policy

America's foreign policy is clearly not working.  The world, and the U.S. itself, are not any safer than they were three years ago, the military is still mired in Afghanistan, Libya's Gaddafi dictatorship is likely to be replaced by a sharia-based regime, and Pakistan is turning against the U.S., while China is rising both economically and militarily, and Russia is resurgent. Despite Hillary Clinton's claims to the contrary, Obama's foreign policy has failed completely and is making America less safe.  Thus, it is time for a new foreign affairs approach.  The purpose of this article is to lay out such a proposal.  It borrows certain principles from the Reagan administration, but it is designed around the 21st-century world. As a  number of readers have rightly stated in comments to several previous articles, the U.S. should not be policing the world and shouldn't be an empire, but it should invest adequately in defense (not offense).  AT readers also...(Read Full Article)