Will Hillary Clinton Challenge Obama Next Year?

Ever since Bill and Hillary Clinton stepped onto the national stage, I have been struck by their lust for power.  When Bill became embroiled in his first sex scandal during the race for the White House in 1992, one would have thought his presidential career was over before it had begun. Then, the country witnessed his wife on national television saying that people were telling lies about her husband.  "I'm not some woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette," she said, trying to save the philanderer whom she viewed as her key to political prominence. If she had told the voters what she already knew about Bill's lascivious liaisons, his ambitions would have ended in Little Rock.  But Hillary is not the type of woman who cares about such mundane matters as marital fidelity; she, like Bill, is a child of the "free love" era that dominated the 1960s.  The pursuit of power is the aphrodisiac of choice for this pair of ruthless hucksters.  After Bill's two terms in...(Read Full Article)