Will Fisker Motors Be Another Solyndra?

There's been considerable coverage of the Department of Energy's $534-million loan guarantee to bankrupt Solyndra.  But lurking unnoticed is a similar $529-million DOE grant to Fisker Automotive to build the high-end hybrid Karma and eventually mid-priced sedans.  With Hyundai, Toyota, Porsche, and GM building hybrids, why is the government funding an automotive startup? Fisker's people believe that they can build a car with more consumer appeal.  Are they right?  The market will let them know, just like it has for Chevy's Volt.   There are two considerations involved.  First is the Karma itself, and second is the government loan in light of the Solyndra revelations. Details are emerging as Fisker starts its Karma marketing roll-out.  In the October 2011 Vanity Fair (VF) print edition, on page 206 and 210 are four-color, full-bleed spreads, plus four more one-page ads ending at 221.  That's not surprising, since well-heeled progressive VF...(Read Full Article)