Why Voter Photo Identification Is Crucial to Our Republic

Voter identification requirements have been a source of contention for some time, despite increased evidence of voter fraud in recent elections.  Generally, the left opposes such requirements, and the right favors them.  As is usually the case, the left's position is based upon emotion, while the right's is more pragmatic -- i.e., how to implement a simple constitutional mandate. The Washington Examiner noted recently that while the current Justice Department has launched a full-scale assault on state voter identification laws, multiple surveys show overwhelming support of such laws by Hispanics, on whose behalf the DOJ purports to act. As part of a broad survey of Hispanic attitudes on a variety of political issues, the poll, conducted for the conservative group Resurgent Republic, asked a sample of 1,200 voters the following question: "As you may have heard, many states are considering laws that would require registered voters to present photo identification, such as a...(Read Full Article)