Why Romney Alarms Me

I like Mitt Romney.  I do.  In fact, how can anyone help liking him?  A vigorous man in the Goldilocks prime of his life -- not too young to scare the electorate by his lack of experience, not too old to worry about the onset of decrepitude.  A man of indisputably high intelligence and great experience, with an enviable resume.  A devoted family man with a wonderful wife and five strapping sons.  A man of unimpeachable moral character with not a whiff of scandal ever attaching to him (what a relief after that paragon of supersized appetite, Bill Clinton!). The son of a self-made man who rose from humble origins to become governor of Michigan, his entire life is an open book, which is a guarantee that no scandal is lurking in his past to rear its ugly head at an opportune moment of the opposition's choosing (what a relief after that man of impenetrable mystery, Barack Obama!).  A fabulously successful businessman and a noted turn-around specialist,...(Read Full Article)