What Does Occupy Wall Street Need?

Why would we want Occupy Wall Street, a movement dominated by the political left, to achieve any results at all?  The answer is that if this movement directs its energy constructively and intelligently instead of merely protesting bad economic conditions, it can play a major role in keeping the United States out of the ash heap of history.  James Harrington's "China: A Call to Action" shows why our country is indeed headed in that direction. With only 19 percent of the world's population, China consumes 53 percent of the world's cement, 48 percent of the world's iron ore, 47 percent of the world's coal, as well as a majority of almost every major commodity. In 2010 China produced 11 times more steel than the United States. These figures are unequivocal proof that China will soon become the world's dominant economic and military power unless the United States undergoes a full-fledged economic revolution -- or, more precisely, an economic reaction (going back to proven...(Read Full Article)