Wall Street Is Shovel-Ready

Being unemployed sure does stink.  But now President Obama finally has a vehicle to deliver those "shovel-ready" jobs he's been promising for the last couple of years: the Occupy Wall Street protests.  While it seems odd that the president of the United States would support protesters living on the streets of New York City in squalor, his approval may hinge solely on the potential for the piles of garbage, debris, and human excrement to change the future unemployment picture. According to the Financial Times, "[b]oth the President and Joe Biden have expressed understanding of the movement that has spread rapidly across the country."  Mr. Biden shared his opinion that "[t]he core [of the protest] is: the bargain has been breached. The American people do not think the system is fair, or on the level." Either way, "movement" is a good descriptor, because one noble protestor felt moved to make a tangible nonverbal statement about the inequity on Wall Street by defecating...(Read Full Article)