Tipping Points in the Race for the Presidency?

A series of surveys are now showing President Obama with net negative approval scores of over ten points.  Among those with strongly held views, the net negative approval score is far higher (24% in Rasmussen). Republican voters are more enthusiastic about and committed to voting in 2012 than Democrats.  In head-to-head matchups, the leading GOP contenders are now about even with or ahead of Obama nationally.  In yesterday's Quinnipiac polls, Romney led Obama by 4%, and Perry trailed by 1%.  Herman Cain's rise in the contest for the GOP nomination has not yet been tested in head-to-head matchups with Obama, except for one Rasmussen survey that showed Obama ahead by 5%, but with only 39% support (the lowest yet recorded in any survey in any head-to-head matchup), with a very high 27% undecided.  What does this all mean for the GOP nominating contest and the general election? Obama moves left The Obama White House team, now dominated by 2008 campaign...(Read Full Article)