The Revolutionaries' Revenge

The media are mistakenly characterizing the Occupy Wall Street movement as unemployed Millennials with a legitimate gripe against Wall Street consistent with the Tea Party, or as a rag-tag group of unemployed stoners with no coherent message, not to be taken too seriously.   After spending hours interviewing protesters in Oakland, California, both characterizations are way off base.  If either scenario were apt, these folks would be marching on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and storming Congress.  Instead, they're taking on Wall Street and storming the homes of the wealthy and the buildings of large corporations.  It's Mourning in America, friends.  Wake up to the fetid smell of Marxism taking over Main Street, intent on crushing Wall Street. Each person interviewed in Oakland had the same story to tell, and if you listen carefully to the video from the main stream press, it's this: capitalism is the root of all evil.  According to the Occupiers, Big...(Read Full Article)