The Republican 'Vision Thing'

Do the top Republican challengers to Barack Obama in 2012 have a vision of where the country should be heading in 2013 and beyond?  Does this "vision thing" matter? On January 26, 1987, in a Time magazine article entitled "Where Is the Real George Bush?" by journalist Robert Ajemian, President George H. W. Bush's attitude about the "vision thing" was exposed: Colleagues say that while Bush understands thoroughly the complexities of issues, he does not easily fit them into larger themes. This has led to the charge that he lacks vision. It rankles him. Recently he asked a friend to help him identify some cutting issues for next year's campaign. Instead, the friend suggested that Bush go alone to Camp David for a few days to figure out where he wanted to take the country. "Oh," said Bush in clear exasperation, "the vision thing." The friend's advice did not impress him. That cynicism about the "vision thing" was a result of the vice president's attempt to come out from under...(Read Full Article)