The OWS Dream

The Occupy Wall Street demonstrators, while all over the spectrum in their demands, have one thread in common (beyond their inconceivable level of ignorance): they hate capitalism, are spoiled by living in a prosperous society, and have a socialist/Marxist vision of utopia.  While refusing to admit the failure of this mindset in other nations, the American incarnation appears to be convinced that by their sheer determination and self-assessed superior intellect, they know the key to a "fair and just" society: themselves and redistribution.  It is little wonder why Barack Obama was so quick to endorse this juvenile and narcissistic movement; he would be there organizing it if weren't for his day job.   Unfortunately, in the United States, there are just not enough true-believers, so a well-covered combination carnival atmosphere and faux revolution are in order.  Much is dependent on the mainstream media, living in their own fog of self-importance, to play up...(Read Full Article)