The Left's Love of Rights-Stripping

Recently, a very dear moderate friend of mine told me that all leftists could never fit in the "communist" category.  After all, "they believe far too much in individual rights for that to be the case." I've heard this vexing defense of the left often before.  My response?  "Forty-nine percent of the country paying no taxes: that's communism, brutha." But then I realized how pedestrian and rough-and-ready an approach this was.  One needs to get at the roots of comments like these.  So I did.  The most recent, standing jurisprudence in any area reasonably conceived as circumscribing an "individual right" -- recounted below -- betrays the left as naught but an opposition force. Communists, both Soviet and American, believe in loads of human rights...facially.  But from day one, they believe in the right of rights-stripping far more devoutly than they believe in those rights themselves.  When one reads judicial opinions down through the...(Read Full Article)