The Hard-Left OWS Plan

The hard progressive left in America has been unleashed into the streets by the community organizer in the White House.  The current crop of street pawns, the banal cattle of Occupy Wall Street movement, are fed, herded, and coldly led by the professional agitators from ACORN, SEIU, and the Communist Party of America.  These hardcore Alinskyites are well-funded and well-organized.  Through a series of set-piece street actions and media events coordinated with the White House, the street cattle's drumbeat attacks on capitalism, property rights, and traditional religious and working class values have successfully dominated the news cycles. From the Cold War thriller The Hunt for Red October, Fred Thompson's character informs us, "Son, a Russian doesn't take a dump without a plan."  So too with these Alinsky inspired disciples who obviously have their own version of an American "Red October."  So, why now are the professional Alinskyites emerging from their...(Read Full Article)