The Hard-Left OWS Plan

The hard progressive left in America has been unleashed into the streets by the community organizer in the White House.  The current crop of street pawns, the banal cattle of Occupy Wall Street movement, are fed, herded, and coldly led by the professional agitators from ACORN, SEIU, and the Communist Party of America.  These hardcore Alinskyites are well-funded and well-organized.  Through a series of set-piece street actions and media events coordinated with the White House, the street cattle's drumbeat attacks on capitalism, property rights, and traditional religious and working class values have successfully dominated the news cycles.

From the Cold War thriller The Hunt for Red October, Fred Thompson's character informs us, "Son, a Russian doesn't take a dump without a plan."  So too with these Alinsky inspired disciples who obviously have their own version of an American "Red October."  So, why now are the professional Alinskyites emerging from their sarcophaguses and cranking up the OWS media circus?

An understanding of the OWS begins with some hard political calculus dating back to the beginning of 2011.  First was the election of 64 new House GOP members, effectively ending the White House's ability to pass new over-arching wealth redistribution legislation such as Obamacare and Dodd-Frank.  This also ended the acceleration, through additional stimulus spending, of the growth rate of federal debt.  Hard-left progressives, while please pleased that Obama had already saddled the country with an annual interest payment of $437 billion, had hoped to create additional instability in the macro financial markets of Wall Street and the EU.

Secondly, unemployment rates, particularly U-6, and the housing markets looked to be barely treading water for the 20 months leading up to the November 2012 elections.  These bellwether indicators reliably foretell a landslide defeat for an incumbent president.  Normally the last year of a lame-duck presidency is replete with overseas photo-ops and serious speeches on "what it all means."  However, America is now burdened with B.H. Obama, a hard-left socialist president who will maintain and expand his control over the executive branch of the United States government, by any means necessary.

So what are the two primary short-term goals of the Alinskyites?

Desensitization.  OWS is funded through Soros and dozens of his interlocking 501(c)(3)s, the Tides Foundation, the CPUSA, AFL-CIO, SEIU, UAW, Islamic radicals, and, of course, Obama's BFF, ACORN.  This abomination of Aliskyistes is determined that America should become acclimated daily to the classic Marxist street rhetoric of financial inequality, anti-capitalism, and "lets all hate rich Jews, oh I meant Wall Street bankers." Big lies and the drum beat repetition of the big lies into a national consensus: where in 20th-century history have we seen this happen?  Oh yes, but back then it was referred as "Lebensraum."  And we all know how well that that turned out.

Misdirection.  The Obama administration reeks of donor payoffs and political scandals.  Solyndra, Fast and Furious, LightSquared, SunPower, the list goes on and on.  These folks make Boss Tweed, Harding, and Grant seem like rank amateurs when it comes to squandering taxpayers' money.  We are talking tens of billions of taxpayer dollars that have been diverted into the pockets of wealthy connected Democrats and their green projects, unions, and far-left political groups.  So what do you do, as a trained and indoctrinated Aliskyite, to deflect attention from these slip-ups?  You move the media spotlight onto those nasty Wall Street capitalists.  Use up the daily press cycles interviewing time-warped hippies.  Create the news, channel the news, mold the news, spin the news, and bury the stories that adversely affect your poll ratings.  And as Alinsky taught, when you control the news you must also effectively "personalize, polarize and demonize" your enemies.  The Tea Party types, those nasty GOPers in Congress, the "bitter clingers" who love God and guns, all are daily target practice for the MSM and the OWS attack vultures.

More ominously, the federal debt increases around $4 billion dollars a day.  Every day of every week, like the steady beat of a metronome.  The country is not looking at the causes or solutions; it is, in fact, hidden from our sight, by a few cattle herded from behind by the cold Marxist street agitators.  No doubt, Leon Trotsky must be smiling in hell's burning fire, admiring the handiwork of his 21st-century offspring.

America can now look forward to months more of these set pieces of Marxist agitprop, with the lapdog mainstream media dutifully and daily regurgitating OWS vomitus into our homes and onto our computers.  From The Daily Caller:

Assuming inclement weather, apathy or infighting doesn't disperse them first, the group of anti-war protesters occupying a public plaza in Washington, D.C. will remain there for at least four more months after the National Park Service offered the activists an extended permit Monday.

The National Park Service granted the four-month demonstration permit to the protesters after meeting with liaisons from the group. The protesters - a collection of anti-war activists and members of the growing Occupy Wall Street movement - have been camping in Liberty Plaza near the White House for four days in tents and makeshift hovels.

Ain't that just swell?  Ya gotta wonder what political strings were pulled to get that permit approved in a single meeting.

So what are the long-term goals of the Alinskyites?

Preparation. The November 2012 elections are less than 13 months away.  The Alinskyites will prevent Obama losing his control over the executive branch of the United States government, by any means necessary.  This is the key unwritten mission statement behind all the anti- capitalist, class warfare nonsense OWSers are spewing in the streets.  The OWS cattle are out there as disposable pawns in a new un-American and anti-constitutional national political process of brinksmanship, raw power politics, ideology, and class and racial warfare.

Historically, communists have used violent "false flag operations" against their own useful idiots, to both gain sympathy and to allow tyrants to unilaterally invoke gun control in the name of national security.  Nazis did the same thing.  Marxist dogma also calls for coordinated multi-city street violence and rioting, as occurred in the communist revolution in Venezuela.  Hugo Chávez oversaw nationwide union work stoppages designed to deliberately damage Venezuela's national food and energy distribution systems.

The GOP had damn well better wake up fast to this new (to America) process, or they will have lost the initiative before the first roll of the die.  Note carefully that OWS and their handlers have not announced what specific political decisions would be required to end the street protests.  By organizing and funding these protests, and training a core group of paid OWS in street agitation and violence, the Alinskyites have purposely lit a slow-burning fuse that could culminate in a tumultuous summer of 2012.  The truth of the matter is that there are huge numbers of unemployed and underemployed people in this country.  (Hmmm...did this administration purposefully allow unemployment to remain at near Depression-era levels to foster an army of malleable unemployed to be led by Marxist Street agitators?)  The professional street agitators, as practiced by the Arab Spring revolts, can easily seduce the unemployed.

Our productive citizens would be sadly mistaken to believe that a pervasive, well orchestrated street violence could not return to 21st-century America and rattle the institutional foundations of our country, especially when fomented from the White House, executed by their political allies, and reported by their lapdog media.

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