The Economy's the Wedge. Freedom's the Cause.

Could 2012 be a reprise of 1932?  You know, 1932, when Republicans were hosed by FDR and the Democrats?  Though this time it's Barack Obama and his Democrats who'll face voter wrath and be sent packing -- packing for that cold, far land called Ignominy. Say 2012 is an historic election like 1932 (and 1860 before it).  How will Republicans guarantee that the results go their way in a big way, a landslide way?  Republicans will do it by driving the economy like a juggernaut to the November polls.  Gallup is reporting that voters approve of Republicans to handle the economy by gaping margins.  With the U.S. and world economic and financial situations darkening, the trust-gap on the economy should continue to widen to the GOP's advantage.  Yet while the economy is the pile-driver for GOP election fortunes, there's got to be something more, much more.  Surely the economy leads for the GOP, but freedom must be the cause, the theme that undergirds...(Read Full Article)