The Contract with Conservatives

Polls continue to show that the generic Republican nominee will beat Obama and that the president's support is low and dropping lower.  If Republicans unite beyond their nominee, then, more and more, it appears the Republican nominee will be our next president.  Yet conservatives, for good reason, are leery of some Republican candidates for the nomination. In some areas, we have as much assurance as we can get.  There are already 238 House members and 41 Senate members who have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.  The Susan B. Anthony List identifies those who are willing to go formally on record as pro-life.  Why not ask each candidate who wants our vote in a primary or support in a caucus to sign a more general document which embraces the salient points of conservatives?  This Contract with Conservatives would not need to get into minutia; it wouldu suffice to be a catechism of conservatism. The Contract with Conservatives need not be overly...(Read Full Article)