Tea Parties ≠ Occupiers

Tea Parties and the Occupiers have a few commonalities, but, although many media outlets have attempted to do so, it's a mistake to equate the two phenomena. The American left has been pining for a liberal balance to the popular Tea Party/grassroots groups since the latter reached numbers sufficient to assure that its collective voice would be heard.  But the "movement" the left produced will end badly for the progressive politicians whom, through their ignorance, the Occupiers excuse or ignore. The mobilization of the Millennial Me-Generation Occupiers is simply a re-warmed leftover from 1968 very likely to produce the same public backlash the hippy generation's bizarre antics did then.  The 1968 occupier/rioters in Chicago sank Democratic presidential hopes.  There is no Richard Nixon among the current GOP presidential hopefuls, but if the Occupiers persist nationwide as they have pledged to do, the Republican nominated will be the next POTUS. In politics, principle...(Read Full Article)