Stealth Jihad Invades Columbia University (Again)

Columbia University students, along with others on the campus, will be able to get a good look at "stealth jihad" in action as the "Students for Justice in Palestine" (SJP) hold a three-day training program next weekend on campus. The attraction being used to seduce the students to this event is a rapper named "Immortal Technique," who, according to claims made by the National Conference on Jewish Affairs (NCJA), is an entertainer "who extols and incites violence and criminality, spews brutal anti-American vitriol, and is a condemner of Israel ... and a fan of the Nation of Islam, among other repellent views." The event is to take place on October 14-16.  Organizers hope to raise $30,000 in preparation for the upcoming 2012 national campus event called "Israel Apartheid Week" that has been held the past seven years in February or March. When one enters their website, the most prominent message that appears alongside the face of Hatem Bazian, Professor at UC Berkeley and Chair...(Read Full Article)