Slouching toward the 1930s

The current economic crisis rivals the one of the 1930s.  Despite shameless propaganda by government and its cronies in the media, people understand that the situation is getting worse.  Consumer confidence continues to decline as does confidence in the future. We are headed for an event that history will record as worse than the Great Depression.  It is unavoidable. The Level of Debt The principal reason for the dire prediction is the level of debt outstanding.  Current debt levels are simply not sustainable.  Assets and cash flows cannot support or service this debt. No economic recovery can occur without massive debt reduction.  As shown below, current debt is much higher than the 1930s:  As a percentage of GDP, debt is at an all-time high.  Immediately prior to the Great Depression US debt was about 200% of GDP.  It rose briefly to 300% as a result of massive government interventions to combat the Depression. At the beginning of the...(Read Full Article)