Save Western Civilization: Defend Christopher Columbus

I am a Montessori educator and work with children of two and a half to six years of age.  Every October, my students learn the story of Christopher Columbus. We start with learning about what the world was like when Columbus was alive.  At that time, the Atlantic Ocean was called the Sea of Darkness, because many people still believed that huge, dangerous sea-dragons lived there.  In addition, many people thought the ocean flowed downhill so that even if you could get past the dragons, your ship would eventually slide so far down that it couldn't get back up.  The sea was a dangerous and terrifying place. Columbus was a sailor looking for a shorter way to travel to Asia.  He was scientifically oriented and was convinced that the world was really round, like other men were speculating, and that he should be able to find his shortcut.  He eventually convinced Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand to fund and support his mission.  He acquired three...(Read Full Article)