Romney's Smoking Gun Picture

Does Mitt Romney have a political death wish?  When I heard him utter the phrase, "There are plenty of reasons to vote against Mitt Romney...," I cringed, imagining endless repetition of this sound byte in the attack ads that will be the basis of the Obama re-election campaign, funded with hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign cash. Why on earth would a smart guy like Romney hand Obama a video moment so damaging to his cause? Then there is this, a picture surfaced from the past, and certain to become ubiquitous once the GOP is committed to Mitt:   It comes from a 2008 set of articles in the Boston Globe, so it is hardly obscure.  The picture was taken during Mitt's days at Bain Capital, where a group of very smart guys, intoxicated with all the money they were earning by buying up faltering companies (with other people's money) and fixing them (in classic Harvard Business School fashion), made a lot of money. I can understand the cultural milieu from which...(Read Full Article)