Romney the Electable?

Are you sick and tired yet of hearing about Mitt Romney being the "most electable" candidate?  I am.  Lately, via the media and our own RNC elites, we have been fed this constant drivel about the electability of Mitt Romney.  The same tired story goes that, because Romney was the centrist Republican governor of a blue state, he has the widest voter appeal, and thus the best chance to win in a general election. This is a bad joke. Now, I'm no beltway "expert."  However, I've had the opportunity to work on campaigns ranging from U.S. Senate down to City Council, and I can see the problems with Mitt Romney.  Let us for a moment consider the attributes a candidate must have to be truly successful, and you will quickly see why Mitt is one of the least electable candidates we have for the general election. Charisma and the Ability to Create Personal Connections Creating personal connections with the voters is what wins you an election.  Period.  The...(Read Full Article)