Rick Perry's 'N-Head' Problem and the Fourth Estate's Hypocrisy

"N****r go home." So read the ugly note.  It was left in the mid-'70s on the desk of a young black woman -- a college intern. Where did this happen?  Not, to be sure, in the Deep South, nor in the part of West Texas where Gov. Rick Perry grew up, during a time when the Lone Star State was segregated.  It happened in sophisticated and liberal Boston -- and at a mainstream newspaper: the Boston Herald American (now the Boston Herald). The young black woman claiming to have found the note was Gwen Ifill -- now PBS NewsHour's senior reporter and news anchor. The mainstream media and fellow travelers in the lefty blogosphere have a hypocrisy problem -- one underscored by the Washington Post's recent race-hustling piece on Gov. Perry: "At Rick Perry's Texas hunting spot, camp's old racially charged name lingered." In her disingenuous article, young reporter Stephanie McCrummen cleverly suggests that Perry suffers a potential character deficiency: he grew up in a...(Read Full Article)