Race Betrayal

Yesterday, the United States dedicated a memorial to the life and achievements of Martin Luther King.  The America that exists today is a far different place, thanks to him and many others, as institutional racism and discrimination is a thing of the past.  The nation has elected a man of black African descent as President, one of the top-tier candidates to win the Republican nomination to run for President in the next election is an African-American; yet many cannot get past their obsession with skin color as manifested by the shameless racial exploitation of the American Left coupled with the vituperation directed at Herman Cain, a black conservative. There is an assumption by the Left in the United States that race and racial matters are the purview of the so-called "progressives."  It is as if they not only own the subject matter but the people whom they categorize as minorities, particularly if they are of African descent.  As with any spoiled child clutching...(Read Full Article)