Professor Obama's Investing 101

Here's a great business model.  Start your company with the idea that it's going to go bankrupt.  Then, when it folds, inform your investors that the business was a success because it did exactly what you expected. That's more or less what Obama has done with every "investment" government has made over that past three years.  The Energy Department's failed green energy loan program is just one example.  It appears that much of the $36 billion earmarked for alternative energy firms, including $500 million to Solyndra alone, has been squandered.  If that money had stayed in the private sector, it would have produced jobs.  As it is, with real unemployment running at 20%, the president has wasted billions on companies that were destined to fail.  That "investment" produced nothing except more debt and slower economic growth. It is not surprising, given his lack of real-world experience, that Obama does not understand the meaning of the word...(Read Full Article)