Piling On: The New York Times and Israel

In last week's run-up to the U.N. General Assembly theatre of the absurd, The New York Times could hardly restrain itself.  Fulminating about what was best for Israel, it repeatedly berated the Jewish state and Prime Minister Netanyahu for not acceding to its editor's wishes. The fusillade began on September 11.  The Times graciously conceded that Israel and the Palestinian Authority shared blame for the breakdown in peace talks.  But "we put the greater onus" on Prime Minister Netanyahu, "who has used any excuse to thwart peace efforts." Netanyahu's acceptance last year of the Palestinian demand for a ten-month settlement freeze was ignored.  The Palestinian Authority responded by refusing to negotiate.  With time expiring, it demanded a three-month extension -- which Netanyahu, once burned, wisely refused.  Nonetheless, the Times editorial praised the "moderate" Palestinian leadership and called upon Congress to "lean on" Netanyahu. Another...(Read Full Article)