OWS = FBA (Future Bums of America)

In an excellent opinion piece in Friday's New York Post, Herman Cain stated: To those asking for a handout on Wall Street, my message is this: "If you're not rich, don't blame the rich -- get out there and work for it. You have to earn it." Many have said that there is no cohesive message coming from the Occupy Wall Street crowd.  But Mr. Cain has certainly corralled it -- the common denominator, whether the protesters themselves know it or not, is "Give me the money that the rich have." We all know the word for someone who is too lazy to work, or even to look for work.  We playfully call those people "bums."  They're perfectly capable of working, but they'd rather bum what they need from those who worked for what they got. In a previous article, I wrote about my limited experience with the "professional poor," people who game the system for existence.  Some people are trapped in the system, like Mike, the man I met who was born into it through welfare parents;...(Read Full Article)