OWS: Easy Prey

Once again conservatives are fumbling a sure opportunity to deal the opposition a crippling blow.  The Occupy Wall Street movement is an easy target -- a fat, slow dirigible topped up with hydrogen and just waiting for the spark that will set it ablaze.  They are the third wave of the modern transcendental slob movements, behind the hippies and the grunge kids.  They are driven by the basest of motives, greed and hatred: "Pay my bills" and "Eat the rich."  They are as dumb as bag of rocks, unable to articulate any strategy or goal.  They are violent and cowardly at the same time, in the manner possible only to mobs.  They are supported by both the Nazis and the communists -- quite a trick, even in this day and age.  The whiff of outside direction and funding is too strong to ignore, with a mild but distinctive tang of paprika.  As Mark Steyn pointed out, the idea originated in Canada.  (Nazis, commies, and Canadians.  Now that's what I...(Read Full Article)