OWS and the Progressive Fantasy

The proclamations of the Occupy Wall Street crowd ring familiar.  They want top-quality free health care, education for all, and fairness.  They denounce capitalism, wealthy people, personal responsibility, and in effect, reality.  Sounds like Progressive philosophy to me. Sara Robinson, senior fellow at the progressive Campaign for America's Future, delivers a spot-on descriptive quote in an article from The New Republic.  In this article Robinson is attempting to put forth why the progressive message is not heard and understood as well as the conservative message.  In doing so she leaks a key tenet of the Progressive philosophy: Talking about policies and programs doesn't do it: progressives (have) always been at our best when we speak from a place of strong moral authority, rooted deeply in a daring vision of the kind of world we'd like to create. If we can't envision that world clearly in our own minds, we certainly can't describe it with conviction to...(Read Full Article)