Oprah, Entitled America, and the Coming Reclamation of Our Nation

It was the '80s at WJZ-TV, an ABC affiliate television station in Baltimore, MD.  I was a rare black graphic designer in the art department.  Oprah Winfrey was the co-host of the station's local morning talk show, People Are Talking. People Are Talking associate producer Debbie DiMaio sent her "reel" to Chicago in response to a job opening.  The folks in Chicago saw Oprah on Debbie's reel, liked her, and the rest is television history. Little did I know that my coworker would eventually "Oprah-ize" America, making everything about feelings and self-esteem.  Please do not get me wrong -- I am not saying that Oprah is solely responsible for feminizing our culture and banning score-keeping at school sporting events for fear of injuring the losing team's self-esteem.  But Oprah is unquestionably a superstar on the liberal socialist-progressive team committed to furthering their "brain dead" all-about-feelings agenda. My brother has been coaching little...(Read Full Article)