Old Energy, New Applications

An old energy source has the potential to drive down the cost of gasoline, thanks to new technology.  Lower fuel prices effectively provide a non-artificial stimulus for the economy by leaving more money in taxpayers'/consumers' hands.  I've long been an advocate of the notion that the best way to lower energy -- and, as a byproduct, food -- costs and to increase energy availability is to increase the supply of conventional, practical, domestic energy assets.  I'm fascinated by one alternative to petroleum-based liquid fuel. Gasification and liquefaction of coal, generally thought to be an old-technology source of motor fuel, has gotten new life in recent years. Coal is not a popular energy source among American progressives.  During his first campaign, President Obama promised to effectively eliminate coal as an energy source.  The Obama administration has at least complicated coal usage.  Difficulty in securing permits, the passage of cap-and-trade...(Read Full Article)