Occupy Wall Street and the Chicago '68 Riots

As the man said, those ignorant of their history are condemned to repeat it.  How much worse are those who deliberately ignore it? Deliberately ignoring their own record is a liberal specialty.  The ideology could not exist without it.  There is scarcely a major event of the last century that matches what liberal mythology has to say about it -- the Depression, WWII, the civil rights movement, the Cold War...  They have suppressed, ignored, and hidden the facts about each of these events and more, instead constructing a glittering façade in which liberals are always right, always heroic, and always victorious. One episode they're ignoring today -- and a particularly ignoble one -- occurred from August 23 to 29, 1968.  Known variously as the Chicago convention riots, the Chicago protests, or simply "Czechago" (a reference to the contemporaneous Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia), it comprised one of the key events of the '60s.  Some would go so far as to...(Read Full Article)