Obama's Turkey Policy Is Proving to Be a Turkey

President Obama has held Turkey up as a model of a moderate, democratic Muslim country.  He even made Ankara his first stop in the Muslim world after taking office.  The State Department welcomed Turkey's decision to host a NATO missile defense radar and "appreciates this significant Turkish contribution to a vital NATO mission.  We are proud to work with Turkey on the deployment of this important asset."  Turkey is supplied by the United States with F-35 jets, Predator drones, and now Super Cobra helicopters -- front-line, first-class military equipment. But America's NATO ally Turkey has also announced open military cooperation with America's adversary Iran against America's friends the Kurds of northern Iraq.  After a period of side-by-side and sequential operations inside Iraq, Prime Minister Erdoğan announced a joint offensive against Kurdish rebels.  "Turkey and Iran are working together" and are "determined."    Even before, but...(Read Full Article)