Obama's Magic Mobs: Tahrir = Wall Street

Ladies, Gents and Transgenders! I give you the world's greatest magic act, Baraka Hussein, the Wizard of O! Please welcome the Wizard! (Audience goes wild. Bamster walks out in his tux and a giant red Johnny Carson turban, smiling like a Cheshire Cat. Women and gays faint from watching his pants crease.). Act I. The Arab Spring. Announcer: "For O'Wizard's first trick he will destabilize the Middle East! (More applause). Starting with a spontaneous out-of-nowhere united mass uprising called The Arab Spring! "Maestro, a little Arabian Nights music, please!" "Now watch. There's nothing up his sleeve -- but a spontaneous Million Moo March explodes in Tahrir Square!" (Band goes Ta Daa! Wild applause.) "You can hear a million Arabs demanding peace, freedom and democracy!" In Tahrir Square a million men -- but not one single solitary  woman -- all chant: "Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!" O'Wizard: "The people of Egypt have spoken. We must listen to their demands." New York Times: "What are...(Read Full Article)