Nobel Peace Laureate Assassinates American Citizen

Good luck reconciling the inconsistencies of President Obama's war and terrorism positions. Of all people to order the summary execution of Muslim terrorists, Barack Obama would not have been the first name to come to mind -- at least not prior to 2011.  But with the bin Laden assassination under his belt, it was just a small step to summarily take out an American citizen without due process of law. This is the same Barack Obama who campaigned on closing Gitmo (because it's a "recruiting tool" for terrorists).  This is the same Obama who condemned the Bush administration's use of enhanced interrogation, calling the waterboarding of Khalid Sheik Mohammed for critical information illegal "torture."  This is the same president who, but for a sharp turn in public opinion, would have released more "abused" detainee photos and "prosecuted" the Bush administration for alleged violations of human rights law. This same Obama preached about his version of "American values,"...(Read Full Article)