Newt and the Next-in-Line Problem

The Republican presidential nominating process must break out of its "next-in-line" syndrome.  The party establishment, unable to comprehend the depth of voter angst, the desire for genuine change, and the true extent of America's current dire predicament, is still stuck in that rut as it continues its unenthusiastic but overt support for Mitt Romney, the current "next-in-line" candidate.   This is not the United States of the past sixty years, wherein it mattered relatively little which party occupied the White House or dominated the Congress.  While the most dramatic steps in setting the nation on the course that has brought the country to the brink of bankruptcy were launched during the years of total Democrat control, the Republican Party, with the exception of Ronald Reagan and the Republican leaders of the House of Representatives in 1995, has been content to simply slow down the statist policies of the Democratic Party without reversing the trajectory...(Read Full Article)