NCLB Says Failure Is Not an Option...but It Should Be

A district administrator recently visited a high school to elucidate some of the fine points of No Child Left Behind legislation.  "Failure is not an option," she declared, meaning that students are no longer allowed to fail.  Although it seems that she could not have meant that literally, she did not qualify the statement in any way.  She did not go on to say "unless a student absolutely refuses to do work."  If your forehead is crinkled in disbelief, please read on.  Previously, I was inclined to defend No Child Left Behind.  I assumed that the legislation was resented by teachers and other liberal interests because it insinuated a back-to-basics type of focus in schools, using the stick of withholding federal funds if schools do not make the grade on standardized tests.  If these people hate the law, I thought, perhaps it is not so bad.   Indeed, liberal critics of NCLB often bemoan the standardized testing which it mandates. ...(Read Full Article)