Mr. President, Do You Recall What Your Job Is?

Listening to President Obama speak at event after event, the question that continues to come to mind is this: does this guy understand what his job actually is? The president continually sounds very much like a fire marshal.  He sounds like that guy who has the job of discovering the root cause of a fire, determining if it had been set deliberately, and if it had been, identifying the perpetrator and bringing him to justice.  This is an important function, to be sure, and in no way is it a minor responsibility.  Unfortunately, Mr. Obama seems confused about his job responsibilities.  In 2008 he was not elected to be the nation's fire marshal.  He was hired to be the nation's chief fireman.  In short, his job is not to allocate blame for the fire.  His job, to put it quite simply, is to put the damn fire out. We didn't elect the man to view the fire from some Olympian height until it burns itself out from lack of fuel, and only then sally forth and...(Read Full Article)