Mitt Running against McCain's Ghost

If Mitt Romney thought he was done with John McCain after the 2008 primary process, he was wrong. Think back to the Republicans' moribund nominating season of 2007-2008.  George W. Bush was stumbling to the end of his presidency and being dragged around by a Pelosi-Reid Congress.  He was also facing a stale set of military interventions and an economy failing due to liberal policies that he could not articulate and would not blame. The refusal to legitimately lay blame where it belongs -- and, in fact, all of Bush's magnanimity, packaged as his "new tone" communications strategy -- has played out as one of the most spectacular failures in PR history.  This tack guaranteed that Bush -- and all conservatives by extension -- took all the blame for all of the liberal disasters plaguing the nation.  These included the broken levees around New Orleans and the school buses not used to evacuate residents before Hurricane Katrina.  It includes an economy ruined in...(Read Full Article)