Marxism versus the Middle Class

Reckless driving is partly defined as going twice the posted speed limit.  At first blush, this might not sound so bad -- 150 mph on the interstate is a hard limit to break.  Most people don't go that fast.  With the law, however, it's not the upper end one should look at, but the lower side.  Doing 25 mph in a 10 mph school zone is a very easy mistake to make. It's the same way with taxes.  Obama's out there waving around one of the richest men in the world (Warren Buffet) in his attempt to sell average Americans on his "millionaire's tax."  So now all intellectual talking heads are discussing the goodness and virtue of making those who make seven figures pay more. But the real focus should be how it is going to affect those at the bottom.  Obama and his surrogates have been floating the idea of 250K or 200K as the possible cutoff.  Now, it should be pointed out that there is nothing stopping them from making the cutoff as low as 150K or...(Read Full Article)