Leftist Recall Strikes Architect of SB1070 in Arizona

If you haven't been following the Alinsky methods being used by Randy Parraz and his far-left associates to take down Arizona Senator Russell Pearce (R), you should pay close attention.  They may target your Republican legislator very soon.  If they can destroy Pearce, they can destroy anybody.  The recall election will be held November 8, 2011; early balloting begins on October 13 (that is, tomorrow). So who is Russell Pearce? Senator Pearce gained national prominence in April 2010 as the architect of SB1070, one of the toughest anti-illegal immigration laws in America.  It allows Arizona to enforce the federal immigration laws which have been left unenforced for many years. Pearce has spent his political career writing and sponsoring legislation that honors constitutional conservative principles. Here are some brief highlights. After former Gov. Janet Napolitano resigned, Sen. Pearce oversaw the biggest budget cut in Arizona's history: $500,000,000. ...(Read Full Article)