Land of the Oppressed, Home of the Handout

These days, one often hears derogatory comments about "Baby Boomers."  Mostly they are pegged as being whiney, self-absorbed individuals who tend toward complaining about every little thing.  Pundits who label my generation in this way need to investigate the past before drawing ignorant conclusions.  Our generation was launched on the tail end of WWII, while our families were still suffering the effects of the Great Depression. Today, if we appear discontented, it is only because we know that our freedoms are being furtively withdrawn with each new bill that passes through the halls of Congress.  These new laws undermine our ability to create and prosper.  They are not properly vetted by constituents -- indeed, they are passed according to one-party politics.  Citizens must wait until a bill is passed to know the content; meanwhile, our freedoms are being abrogated by a bloated one-sided government. In the 1950s, we Boomers had a great deal more...(Read Full Article)