Keeping Our Eye on the Ball in 2012

During every election cycle, we hear grumbling from certain circles in the Republican party about the inadequacy of our nominees.  The complaints range from "the candidate is too conservative" to "the candidate is a RINO."  No big surprises here.  And no big problem, either, except that in recent years, disgruntled primary voters have gone farther, threatening to stay home on election day.  Frankly, my wing of the party are the worst offenders.  I am a Reagan conservative -- a real one, who actually voted for him twice.  And Ronald Reagan would never call for putting ideological purity above the good of the country. This nation is in crisis.  The American people are in the fight of our national life, and it is no time to make a "statement."  It might make one feel noble for about a minute and a half, but if it results in Obama's skidding into a second term, you will feel like an idiot for a whole lot longer.  I hope this doesn't apply to...(Read Full Article)