Islam in Depth: The Genesis of the Ismailis

There is no such a thing as one Islam.  There are hundreds of Islamic sects in the same way that there are hundreds of diseases.  In the same way that there are no good diseases, there are no good Islamic sects.  And in order to deal with an illness, correct diagnosis is essential to prescribe the right medication.  Hence, dealing with various sects of Islam effectively demands correct understanding of what they are, what they aim to do, and their methods of spreading.  Some Islamic sects are extremely virulent and deadly; others are less violent and work their agenda in more subtle ways.  Even the latter types are far from harmless.  Yet the various sects do have something in common: one and all keep to the Quran and pursue the same goal of dominating the world. Take for example the Ismaili sect, an offshoot of Shi'ism.  To shed more light on this branch of Islam -- its beliefs and practices -- we need to learn about the...(Read Full Article)