Is Santorum Wrong About 9-9-9?

At the most recent Republican debate, viewers watched Herman Cain take a lot of fire for his 9-9-9 proposal, which scraps our current tax code in favor of three 9% flat taxes: one on business income, one on personal income, and one levied as a national retail sales tax.  Rick Santorum vehemently objected to this plan, levying two charges: it would never get through Congress, and it is unwise to give the government another means of taxation.  What should we make of Santorum's objections to 9-9-9? Santorum's first objection -- that 9-9-9 could never get through Congress -- carries little water.  We should have a problem with someone shooting down an idea based on their prognostications about what future Congresses may or may not allow, as Congresses do what voters want or face consequences (see the 2010 midterm election).  Who would have thought that national health reform would be pushed through when the citizens were focused firstly (and almost exclusively) on the...(Read Full Article)