How Conservatives Occupy Wall Street

Just about everyone right of center has been sniggering at the rather sorry products of our education system currently "occupying" Wall Street.  It confirms why Nancy Pelosi could be so confident that the Tea Party was "astroturf."  Everything that comes out on the left is astroturf, so Pelosi naturally assumed that the right was just the same. But let us take these young skulls full of mush seriously.  Let us not merely sneer, as Jonah Goldberg did, about folks who want the "government to work on the same non-hierarchical, consensus-based, extremely deliberative form of direct democracy that they're using down in Liberty Plaza."  Or at Ezra Klein's report that "[d]ecisions are made by the NYC General Assembly, which Nathan Schneider describes as 'a horizontal, autonomous, leaderless, modified-consensus-based system with roots in anarchist thought.'" Lefties since time immemorial have longed for liberation and equality through this vision of a world without...(Read Full Article)